Pixel wallpapers 2017

8.0.0 PP-6.0+

Use the Android Oreo animated wallpapers on any smartphone


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One of the many Google Pixel aesthetic novelties and its integration with Android 8.0 Oreo is the release of more animated wallpapers that add to those already existing in Nougat. Although, at the beginning they were only available for that version, this modified version lets you use them on any smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher.

Once installed, you soon notice that it’s not really an independent app. Rather, you can find all the wallpapers in an 'animated wallpapers' subcategory inside your wallpapers. In order to activate them, just access the subcategory and pick the one you like most.

The main novelty is that a lot of the wallpapers use the Google Earth rendering technology to show you animated wallpapers in bird-eye-view. You can also find moving color compositions as well as panoramic views of the Earth (focused on your location using the GPS), the moon or Mars.

The dynamic Google Pixel wallpapers are a way to revitalize your smartphone. Beware that the battery consumption can be much higher, but the aesthetic results are unrivalled.

Android 6.0 or greater is required